Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sentinel Poetry Live! #2

The second Sentinel Poetry Live! event was held at the Waterloo Gallery on Saturday, May 6th 2006 and featured Chinwe Azubuike, Naomi Woddis, John John-Lewis and Lola Shoneyin. The original schedule had announced Paul Lyalls and Lula M. Unfortunately Lyall's son was a a little poorly, which meant unfortunately he had to leave before the event began. Lula M, was a no-show. We hope that Paul Lyall shall be available at a later date.

The event kicked off at 7.20 pm after a 20-minute getting to know one another. Visitors had a chance to look at John John-Lewis' poetry plaques, and some painting from an on-going exhibition at the gallery.

Chinwe Azubuike went first and read some highly emotive, if somewhat painful, some might say, bitter poems about her experiences as an African in London. Always a touchy subject, in the post-mortem segment afterward, when audience members were able to ask her questions, the debate got a little hot.

Here are some pictures from the event courtesy of Molara Wood. All photos (C) 2006 Molara Wood.

Chinwe Azubuike - a voice against racism?

Naomi Woddis - close to nature.

Between Azubuike's somber rendering and the bubbly performance of John-Lewis, Woddis gave a calm but very stirring reading.

John John-Lewis - crowd pleaser.

Ladies asked for John to come back next month. well... we shall see. Fingers crossed. We shall see.

Lola Shoneyin - a powerful, witty performance.

Lola Shoneyin read from both of her collections; "So all the time I was sitting on an egg" and "Song of A Riverbird". Hearing and watching Shoneyin give life to her several poems that are not flattering to the men folk was extraordinary, until she spoilt the mood with a very graphic poem about abortion.

The evening was indeed a gig-organiser's dream. We now turn our focus to June 3, 2006 for the next event. If you'd like to read on that date, please contact me at

Nnorom or call 07812 755751


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